Assessments Should be paid through DTA community Management Services click on Payment below to connect to DTA website and register.
Once assessments are paid you can pick up the key at 90 Valley View Dr. located in the Terrace Lewis Fowler 713-855-9050 your DTA community manager is Emily Hurt he can be reached at
Welcome to the Terrace

If you would like to run for the Board please submit your
Name to any one on the Board by April 13th




Coldspring Terrace

Board Meetings Are Generally Held The 2nd Sunday Every Month at 3 pm at the pavilion next to the pool

Board Meetings are Generally Held the 2nd Sunday of Every Month

                                                   at 3:00pm

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Coldspring Terrace is a small  community located on the southern shore of Lake Livingston. Recreation is one of our many attractions. The popular destination city of Coldspring is only about a mile away. We are a quiet one stoplight town about half way between I-45 and I-59.